For me, the name LaMorra symbolizes an emotional state between L’amore and Camorra. At times, we are somewhere between being tender or being thunder, and I love that. We can not only be soft or hard, it is a neverending journey of balancing ourselves out.

I started tattooing in 2012. After a lot of adventures and work places, we opened our very own tattoo parlour Colpa Nostra in 2020. It is located in Bern.

Gioia LaMorra

I appreciate the beauty in the world around me in whatever form it appears. Whether that means as a photo, interior design, fashion, the people, culinary masterpieces, design or tattoos. With everything I do, I like to make the environment around me a little bit more beautiful, either by taking the essential and applying a fresh touch, or using my creative skills to make something original and unique. I like to push the boundaries of my abilities as close to perfection as possible, trying to create and style genuinely beautiful things – for body, mind and soul.